Kinds And Role Of Currencies Used In Toon Blast Game!


Toon Blast is a kind of puzzle game based on different cartoon characters with challenging levels. It is developed by the game industry for providing lots of enjoyment to puzzle lovers. If you also love to play different puzzle game, then it is suggested to try Toon Blast game. It helps each person to explore unlimited fun in addition to enhancing real life skills. When a user passes more levels, it permits all the cartoon characters to travel in magical worlds.

To run the game and to enjoy every moment a user needs to collect game currency in sufficient amount. With the help of currency, a user can perform every single task quickly without getting more stressed. Don’t panic! Here we’ll discuss the kinds and role of currencies used in Toon Blast Game.


Coins are the single primary and premium currency of the game from which various items can be purchased. Coins play a vital role in the game, so it is essential to use it accurately. Coins can be used for multiple purposes like: –

  • Boosters

Boosters are used to destroy more cubes at a single time. It permits all the users to pass the level as quickly as possible. It is a kind of tool which helps to enhance the performance, skills, and game systems. If you need to become a pro player, then uses each booster in a problematic situation. In the beginning, each user gets a specific number of boosters. But when it comes to refilling the boosters, one needs to buy it with coins. In other words, with the help of coins, you can easily collect more boosters.

  • Refill life

Get failed at any level? Want to repeat it for passing it quickly? If yes, then in order to solve each query, a player needs to refill life. With the usage of life refills, one can replay the level and can pass it quickly as no one another can. Using the coins permits a user to refill the energy again in addition to enhance mental skills.

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How to earn the currency in a large amount?

Many players asked how to earn the currency quickly? They perform lots of tasks to obtain it, but some of them get failed. There is no need to worry more in addition to there is no need to use coins generators. Here we’ll mention some practical ways to earn coins in a more massive amount.

  • Pass each challenge- passing each task permits a user to receive a specific number of coins. Don’t forget to pass regular missions from which you can earn more rewards.
  • Find unique combos- many combos are added in the game to destroy more cubes. While using the combos to eliminate each line of cube permit a user to receive hidden rewards.
  • Sign up daily- don’t forget to sign up daily in the game to achieve a specific number of coins. If you don’t have time to pass the mission, try to sign up for a minimum of 30 seconds.

So, this is a complete guide for the currency of the toon blast. we hope you enjoyed the above piece of writing, if you need more information about ways to progress fast in the game? then, we suggest you to checkout the toon blast cheats here

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