Kim Kardashian Hollywood Ways To Become A-List Celebrity


While playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood, players need to focus on various activities that can help them to earn stars and cash. Players should try to gain more fans by earning a good number of stars.

They should try to complete more and more assignments to collect stars, which they can use later for various purposes.

The overall celeb related concept of the game is getting very viral among the people, and that’s how the game earned more than 100m just using with the in-game purchases.

This role-playing game comes with lots of impressive gameplay elements and also offers many unique features. You should check all of them at least once before start playing the game. Try to be a superior player to win amazing rewards and bonuses.

If you are doing various jobs in the game, then try to get a high rating, and then it will help you to become an A-list celebrity in no time. Improve your celebrity ranking by giving your best shot during the tasks and other assignments.

Importance of In-Game Resources

Players need to know the importance of in-game money and k-stars, which are required for various purposes. These resources can be acquired in numerous ways, but you should check them out carefully.

First of all, try to know how to earn these stars and currencies and then spend them wisely to boost up your progress speed. Well, these funds are also important to make in-game purchases.

With the help of k-stars and cash, players can buy clothing, accessories as well as refill the energy. Players can also watch many advertisement videos to gain energy and k coins.

There are many other ways to earn in-game currencies, which can also ease up your task. One of the best method is to use in-game methods that you can learn. Here is a complete list of in-game ways to earn resources listed on restartreality. Try to gain more and more resources and then spend them carefully to improve your ranking ad to get some amazing benefits.

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Buy Clothing and Other Stuff

With the help of spending k-stars and other in-game currencies, players can buy various types of clothing to get a good celebrity ranking.

You can’t only buy clothing and other accessories because there are many other things which you can purchase. You should buy stuff for your apartments such as furniture, art, and goodies.

With the help of buying all this stuff, you can make improvements to your heart and star rating. This stuff is cheap as compared to other items like clothing. Try to pay attention to this aspect, and then it will help you to level up faster and achieve your desired goals in no time.

Try to Gain Experience

Experience is also an essential thing to which you should pay proper attention. Try to gain an experience level, and then it will give you a full energy refill.

Most of the players try to earn experience in the game because it gives them more energy. If you find yourself out of energy, then you should tap on the different locations to earn bonuses.

Try to put your best possible efforts and do the same until you get your energy back. By leveling up in the game, you can get the energy and start playing the game with a new confidence level.

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