Chapters Interactive Stories Tips Tricks And Hints!

chapters interactive stories tips and tricks

In order to play Chapters Interactive Stories perfectly, you should understand the various aspects related to the game. Well, there are plenty of stories in which you can take part as the main character. While playing this role, you will have to make choices on every stage of the story.

First of all, you need to choose the right story to get started. You should consider your interest while choosing the story to take part in. Makes sure you are playing your role perfectly because it may help you to collect unlimited in-game resources like tickers and gems.

Beginners should understand the importance of in-game currencies which plays a vital role. In addition to this, they should also complete the tutorial and pay attention to numerous factors. Pay equal attention to several aspects, including currencies, to increase your winning chances.

The Social Media

If you are playing Chapters Interactive Stories, then there are many ways to collect diamonds and tickets. Some methods are extremely simple, whereas others require good efforts. To get tickets and other currencies quickly, you should take help from social media. All you need to do is to take part in the events organized by the developers.

The first step is to open the Facebook page and then read all the provided notifications. You can also get help from the various offers to collect in-game resources. If you are following the game developers on social media, then you will be rewarded with some special offers and bonuses.

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Explore new stories

While playing this game, you access numerous stories which are all about romance, horror as well as other genres. You should unlock the different stories in the game to acquire tickets and diamonds. These resources play a vital role, and that’s why you should pay appropriate attention while spending them.

Make sure you have enough currencies to play the game in a better way. You should try to unlock more and more stories which will help you to acquire in-game currencies.

In every story you explore, you will be provided with some tasks that you need to complete carefully. With the help of completing the different tasks, you can unlock a new story with ease. Try to consider this aspect while trying to achieve a desired position in the game.

Make upgrades to your look

The character customization is the main feature of the game to which you should pay proper attention. Never skip customizing the look of your character because it is an important aspect. Try to give a classy look to your character because it will help you to earn a good number of tickets as well as other resources.

Make sure you are changing the outfits of your character daily to make him look beautiful. You should also upgrade the look of your character but never over-do it. Try to keep the appearance of your character simple and classy.

Using all the above-mentioned tips and tricks, players can easily level up and reach the advanced stages. They can also improve their scores as well as ranking.

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